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Your Tea doesn’t have to be the cause of acidity & gastritis anymore.

Diabetic people don’t have to avoid tea anymore.


An herbal combination for your hot beverage!

A sweet & tasty hot beverage (Tea) that does not increase your blood sugar!

People who are diabetic have to loose on many things, especially sweet stuff. Anything that increases blood sugar is a strict No-No. So there are limited things that they can enjoy. One such thing they really are not able to enjoy is Tea. Tea tastes good only when sugar is added to it and that is a thing which needs to be completely avoided. So they miss on the morning freshness of the bed tea. Few things have come up in the market which as an alternate to sugar like Sugar Free drops or balls. But they are not safe. As most of them are made of Spartam or Sucrolose, they can cause arthritis. So it’s better to drink sugarless tea than adding harmful sweeteners. Besides this, tea is a major cause of acidity & gastritis. But it is the most drunk beverage in India.


B-Fresh Tea – A unique combination of herbs with little organic green tea leaves.

B-Fresh Herbal tea is a unique combination of many powerful herbs with green tea. It is not just some herbs added to orthodox tea. It is more of an Ayurvedic Recipe, an everyday beverage that not only prevents acidity & gastritis but also slowly and gradually heals many organs. B-Fresh is a league apart from conventional tea. Regular use will harness many positive effects making you more relaxed & happy. It’s a must have beverage for diabetic patients where the Vijaysaar in it will help control sugar levels.


  1. Seabuckthorn Leaves
  2. Ram Tulsi
  3. Vijaysaar
  4. Cardamom
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Stevia
  7. Arjun ki Chal
  8. Kashmiri Kahwa
  9. Green Tea
  10. Red Chandan
  11. White Chandan
  12. Rose Petals


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