Our USP lies in providing unique premium and powerful products.

It all started with real life incidents that happened with couple of our friends which made us sit up and consider safe food. Couple of guys were driving through a farm in Punjab and they stopped by and the person who was driving plucked Cauliflower and ate. After few minutes he felt dizzy. So he sat in the back of the car and asked the other person to drive. The guy who was feeling dizzy lied down and after sometime he was dead.

In another incident, one of our friends just fell of the chair and his eyes were rolled up. As we reached his place, we took him to hospital to get MRI done. After doing color MRI it was confirmed that a worm found in Cabbage had gone to his head and now he has to take precaution not to drive, travel alone, stand on high places etc.

These incidents shook us and made us to do some researching. We found that to increase yield high doses of fertilizers, chemicals, insecticides and pesticides are used. These chemicals are so poisonous that it has damaged 5 feet of soil in Punjab and many other states.  We realized that many people across the country are getting sick and unhealthy due to the use of these chemicals. 98% people are helpless as they cannot control the agricultural practice. They are bound to fall ill. We believe that if we eat food that is grown by natural process then 50% health condition can be improved or prevented that is prevalent in our country today.

See the health condition of our great country, we thought of promoting organic and natural food items. So we created Bhartiya Store to bring all the healthy food at one place.

We believe that every individual needs to contribute towards society and its development and then only we can truly be a great country. We named our online portal “Bhartiya Store” to create a feeling of “Desi” place, a place that is as close as a corner kirana store in every neighborhood.

Bhartiya Store is an online portal of Green Hills Enterprises. Green Hills Enterprises is a supplier of Healthcare, Wellness products, FMCG and natural Ayurvedic products in the form of Most Effective Life Enhancing Exotic Health Juices, 100% Organic Capsules & many more health enhancing products. All these are 100% natural products. Most of our products are concentrated. We are currently supplying our complete range of products all over India via online marketing, retail chains and affiliate marketing.

Green Hills Enterprises is dedicated towards providing the most natural solutions for building a healthier & better life. Our excellence lies in bringing forth the supreme quality products by exploring different regions of Himalayas to gather rare and powerful fruits and herbs.

We are promoting organic, natural and herbal products through E-Commerce platform. Bhartiya Store is a one stop portal for all organic, natural and herbal products made by Indian manufacturers. We are a platform for swadeshi product. Our categories include health care, juices, personal care, cosmetics & FMCG products.